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  • How to pick an orthopaedic surgeon?

    How to pick an orthopaedic surgeon?

    A decade of medical training (4 years of medical school, 5 years of residency and 1 year of fellowship) has put me in contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of medical doctors, including surgeons. This training has been across the United States from Washington, DC to Chicago to Los Angeles. I have learned from and observed doctors from all parts of this country and all walks of life. Throughout that time, I have witnessed countless good surgeons. What made them good?

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  • Tommy John Surgery

    Tommy John Surgery

    Tommy John Surgery, also know as elbow ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction, was invented in 1974 by Dr. Frank Jobe.  Prior to the invention of the surgery, pitchers were often left with no options when they tore their UCL. The main function of the native UCL is to resist valgus forces (forearm moving away from the body relative to the arm). In pitchers, it is under the most stress when the pitcher cocks back his arm to throw and begins accelerating into the throw.

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